Sober Coaching & Support

Sober Coaching & Support

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At Vanguard, our upbeat and dedicated support staff work with clients in the greater Dallas and North Texas area in a one to one capacity- to set goals and create progress based treatment plans to give those we mean to help the best possible chance at a good foundation for recovery. Our methods and personalized service highlight areas heavily impacted by the disease of addiction that may include:(but not be limited to)12 step participation, nutrition, exercise, financial stability, sleep hygiene, nurturing good scholastic habits and/or work ethic; and provide corrective measures and using teachable moments to help foster lifestyle changes consistent with recovery.

We are proud to serve the greater Texas area, providing such heralded and quality assistance to those suffering from addiction in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, El Paso, and Midland, and smaller communities in or near Texas.

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