Often in the progression of an addiction, the means and doors to effective communication with the affected family member break down, and the entire family feels hostage to feelings of guilt, terror, and worry. Sometimes families resign themselves to an unhappy and inevitable outcome, or hope patiently for changes that -untreated- may not ever occur. Our seasoned experts use proven methods to strategically create and formulate a plan to help get suffering addicts and their families the best possible chance at a successful outcome. Our intervention services stretch to all major metropolitan Texas areas- as well as nationwide. We provide a wealth of education to our families, to give them coaching and abilities to cease enabling behaviors, and lovingly support their loved one accordingly. When a family’s best efforts to plead and bargain fail, Vanguard Intervention brings proven results.

Case Study: Phoebe

Phoebe is a 23 year old female, from a single parent household with one younger brother, who also has wrestled with substance abuse. Having been both the victim -and survivor- of a high profile sexual abuse case from a major institution, Phoebe had lived-from a young age with her school peers and neighbors knowing of her abuse, which had been broadcast by several media outlets. At 15 years of age, what would prove to be a long track record of hard drug abuse, coupled with eating disorder, would all but cripple her, and devastate the family.

Phoebe’s mother Bonnie, meanwhile lived with the constant guilt -and near paralysis- to approach her daughter over these concerns. Simply put, to ‘make up for’ the events that happened in the past, Bonnie had conditioned herself to show love by always conceding to her daughters wants, even when those ‘wants’ plunged the family deeper into sickness.

Having attended primary treatment two times, Phoebe continued to relapse, and Bonnie continued her passive enabling, ignoring a multitude of warning signs that all was not well.

Finally, Phoebe’s peers from treatment alerted her mother who lived hundreds of miles away in San Diego, that she was back in active addiction and no longer keeping her commitments & no longer seemed to leave her apartment. Vanguard interventionist- Jeff Gould- consulted with the family, and quickly and decisively brought together a team of those closest to Phoebe, whilst giving extensive education to Bonnie- who was faced with some difficult choices to make of her own. A team was assembled- tasked with delivering a strong message to save Phoebe’s life.

After securing a secondary key to the apartment, the group let themselves into Phoebe’s apartment on a Tuesday morning; and the apartment has the earmarks of addiction: a malnourished pet, dishes piled high- garbage on the floor. Burnt pieces of tinfoil lay on the coffee table. One of Phoebe’s female peers went to wake her. She came downstairs, and while surprised, seemed relieved. Her mother delivered a powerful message and ultimatum, and her peers gave her their unshakable support- if she re-engaged recovery. Phoebe tried bargaining for the best possible deal, at the best possible treatment center, before finally agreeing to go to the level of care that was picked for her, while her friends would take over the care for her dog Eli.

Phoebe is sober today.

We are proud to serve the greater Texas area, providing such heralded and quality assistance to those suffering from addiction in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, El Paso, and Midland, and smaller communities in or near Texas.

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