Who We Are

Who We Are

Vanguard Recovery Services is a consummate of addiction recovery professionals stretching from both coasts who specialize in a myriad of recovery assisted services, who provide the highest quality of care. Based in Dallas, Texas, the scope of recovery-based service’s provided range from crisis driven intervention -in crucial times of pre-recovery family crisis- to providing extended care at any point in a person’s recovery process. Our enthusiastic team of seasoned professionals provide a quality and discreet service that best meets the needs of our clients, and their families. At Vanguard, our ideals are grounded in the events and facts of our own recoveries: if we can find and maintain recovery, so can those we are charged with serving.

Main Services Offered

  • Drug Addiction Intervention
  • Sober Coaching
  • Transport to and from drug rehab
  • Addiction Industry Business to Business Consulting

We are proud to serve the greater Texas area, providing such heralded and quality assistance to those suffering from addiction in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, El Paso, and Midland, and smaller communities in or near Texas.

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